How The App Works

Buy Digital Assets Like USDC

Simply download the yoMoola Wallet app, create a profile, and add your credit card. Buying crypto assets like USDC or BTC is as simple as a standard credit card transaction.

Checkout Online Or In-Store

yoMoola Wallet is designed to seamlessly support the checkout process on the web, via a retailer's existing mobile app, and even in the physical store.

yoMoola Wallet Key Features

Quickly & Easily Use Credit Cards To Buy Crypto

We support all major credit cards for purchasing digital assets directly in the app. The process takes only a few minutes and we offer some of the lowest fees available.

No Gas Fee Hassle, Instant Transaction Processing

Users don't need to worry about buying a separate token to pay gas fees. And transactions are processed in real-time to deliver a checkout experience similar to using a credit or debit card.

Secure & Non-Custodial

yoMoola Wallet is a fully web3 non-custodial wallet, with best-in-class security. That means you always retain ownership and possession of your digital assets, with audited smart contracts that ensure safety of funds.

Bootstrap Themes

Join The Digital Asset Movement

Shop your favorite stores with the only crypto wallet that doesn't require any gas fees.

The yoMoola Wallet makes it easy to purchase digital assets with a credit or debit card. It features store-specific promotions and rewards for using the app. And, users don't need to hassle with separate tokens for gas fees.

Partner Benefits

Lowest Transaction Fees

Partner merchants save on transaction processing fees compared to traditional credit card fees. yoMoola offers our partners as low as 1% fees on all transactions.

White-glove Support

Our dedicated Whiteglove Support Team helps partners navigate the onboarding, setup & integration process. We're with you every step of the way to ensure you're positioned for success.

NFT Rewards & Subscriptions

yoMoola offers retailers a unique way of rewarding loyal customers. We use NFTs to deliver promotional deals and even subscription-based discounts. The NFTs are automatically detected and discounts applied during checkout.

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